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Laura MacLellan  |  Office Assistant

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To report an absence please leave a message on our

24-hour Attendance Hotline (760) 331-5670


When leaving a message on the attendance hotline, be sure to include the following information: (1) Child’s full name; (2) Teacher’s name; (3) Reason for the absence; (4) Date(s) of the absence; (5) Your name and relationship to the student.




Student absences may be deemed excused ONLY for the following reasons:

  • Personal illness
  • Quarantine under the direction of a health officer
  • Personal medical appointment
  • Mental health day
  • Funeral services of parent, sibling, grandparent, or any relative living in the child’s immediate household
  • Personal court appearance
  • Observation of a religious holiday or ceremony

Absences must be supported by appropriate documentation or verification as specified in CUSD Board Policy and Administrative Regulation concerning excused absences.  For example, a physician’s note will be required when the absence is medically related.  Other forms of documentation may be required depending upon the nature of the absence.  Upon returning to school from a medical appointment, students should submit to the office a note from the doctor or dentist.  However, we do encourage the scheduling of such appointments after school hours whenever possible.



Absences which are not excused are classified as unexcused absences or truancies.  The following are examples of ‘unexcused’ absences:

  • Going to work with a parent or other family member
  • Personal reasons which are not specified as a basis for an excused absences
  • Babysitting, taking care of other family members
  • Family vacations
  • Attending a sporting event or tournament

If you are not sure if an absence constitutes an excused or unexcused classification, please contact the school office to discuss the circumstances.



When a student has been absent from school without a valid excuse for three (3) full days in one school year, or tardy for more than any thirty (30) minute period during the school day without a valid excuse on three (3) occasions, or any combination thereof, the student is considered to be truant.

Letters regarding attendance are sent throughout the year to communicate truancy and remind families that school attendance is mandatory.  If a student becomes chronically truant, the school team will hold an Attendance Review Meeting (SART) to develop an attendance contract.



Students are expected to be on-time to school daily.  The school gates open at 7:45 AM for students in grades 1-5 to go to the blacktop and play until the bell rings at 8:00 AM to line-up for class.  If your child is late to school, they must go through the school office to check-in.  You can prevent tardiness in the following ways:

  • Leaving the house earlier (even 5 minutes can make a huge difference)
  • Plan and pack the night before to make it easier to get out of the house in the morning (backpacks, water bottles, jackets, etc.)



Should it be necessary to take your child home during school hours, only persons listed on a student’s emergency contact page (Parent Portal) will be allowed to check-out a student from school.  Parents have access to add people to the contact card via the Aeries Parent Portal.

  • Go to Parent Portal
  • Click Student Info tab
  • Drop-down to Data Confirmation
  • On left hand side click “Contacts”
  • Click “add,” “change” or “delete”