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Health Office


Health Office

Susana McKay  |  Health Technician 

P: (760) 331-5690       E:



  • It is critical that Magnolia have up-to-date contact information for students in the event of an illness or serious injury at school.  If you move or change contact information, please update your information in the Parent Portal or notify the school as soon as possible.


  • Students can ONLY be picked-up from school by an adult (over 18) who is on their emergency card.  We will NOT release students based on phone confirmation from a parent/guardian.


  • If a student comes to school with a communicable illness such as strep, COVID-19, lice, etc. and potentially exposes students and staff on campus, a notification of potential exposure will be sent home or emailed.


  • If a student needs to take medication, including over the counter medications and vitamins, at school, written physician and parent authorization, along with medication in a pharmacy labeled container is required.  Authorizations must be renewed each year.  All medications will be kept in the health office.  Students are NOT permitted to carry any medication (including over the counter medicines and vitamins) with them at any time.


  • Students diagnosed with sever allergies requiring emergency medication should provide the school with a doctor’s authorization and epinephrine auto injector (Epi-pen is preferred).